Our beautiful school is located in the scenic south Tulsa hills area. Unlike all other schools in Tulsa we are not open to the general public. We operate our private school the exact way that Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris and some of the other more famous instructors. But unlike them you don't have to know someone to get in. Professor Hargrave has taught professional kick boxers and fighters, U.S. Special Forces, various military agency personnel and law enforcement, but he prefers instructing regular men, women and children who he can make an improvement in their lives. The United States Marines have now adopted the system taught and founded by Professor Hargrave. The first step is to go to the How To Join page and tell us what you are looking to get out of martial arts for you or a loved one. We truly care about you. We also have the right to refuse any applicant due to violent criminal background or mental illness (this is our way of protecting others that may misuse the teachings of Professor Hargrave to harm others). We are the only school that does this.