There are no free gi's, no contracts, no specials, no free classes, and no introductory offers. Many people will stop reading after the last statement. Most think: "If it is not easy or free I don't want it." We do this for many reasons. Most importantly, We are not a McDojo. Commercialized martial arts are employed at the expense of true learning. We are more like a martial arts family than your strip mall karate school.
We want students who will put in the effort and time to be the best they can, because I put in the effort and time with them. A student must apply to be accepted at the finest universities, and it is the same here. On a national level only one percent of those who start martial arts training ever reach the black belt. My success rate is much higher. 

You don't have to have any karate experience, ability, or fitness level to belong. What you must have is desire. You must look inside yourself and ask what am I looking for, and what do I want. Without that basic knowledge you are wasting your time and your life.
If the prospective student is a child (kids haven't a clue what they want) we help them learn to achieve and set goals while improving their mental and physical ability. 
So what do we want from you?? You must have the desire to learn, to help others and to be the best you can be. You don't have to be any certain age or have experience in martial arts. You don't compete against anyone but yourself. Your goal will be to be the best you possible. Its just that simple. Our ages range from four years old to the eighties.
Here are some things you should know:
I teach because it's fun. You should learn because it's fun. I don't run class like a boot camp, though respect is essential.
There is a big difference between the techniques of self defense and tournament karate. Kempo Karate as taught by Professor Hargrave is not geared towards tournament styles. If you desire tournaments or trophies, go somewhere else. The only trophy you will win here is your life! "The Elite Don't Compete" --Bruce Lee.
If  you hop from one school to another with no purpose or direction (desire), or have been kicked out of a previous school, please keep hopping. We accept students from other schools, but if you have noooooooo idea what you want in a art or school or for your life, we can't help you. Write down your goals. If you cant write them, you dont have any.
This is not an aerobics-cardio-kick-slap-type class where you jump around mindlessly. The world is full of those type places; this is not one of them!
We charge $65 per month for group and $65 per hour for private lessons.
We received the best martial arts school in the U.S award from the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.  When a 400 pound man with an unidentified skin rash wants to play basketball with your head some evening, you will be wishing you were taught by me. Go get a "black belt" from another school. When you get your black belt butt beaten to a pulp, come see me for a real one. I have been doing this a long time and have heard that story many times.
We have NEVER had anyone green belt in Kempo / Level 5 in JKD or above ever lose to an attacker in the real world.
We do background checks on potential students.
If you happen to be a sex offender,don't bother to apply. We don't want you around us, and you sure don't want to be around me. I will stomp you like the dog you are!  We teach serious karate and kung fu, and we will NOT let it fall into the wrong hands.

Speeding tickets do not count.
You do not need to know anything about the martial arts to begin. we will help you if you have a serious desire. Some of the most common excuses I hear are"I am too old", "I am too far out of shape", and "It is too late for me to start". As long as you are not six feet under it is never too late. The only limits people have are self imposed. This is very sad.
Our standards are higher than anywhere else. This will keep enrollment smaller. That's the idea. The ability to sign a check doesn't grant admission. It's what's in your heart that counts.  Fifty percent of all applicants are denied.  If you look back on the things and events in your life that mean something to you, they all took effort and hard work. You are worth it. You have what it takes to be above the average. You may not know it yet, but its there waiting. We are committed to our students and demand commitment from you.

Hargrave Martial Arts Systems is a private school. This is a departure from the "Common" martial arts school. We are not open to the general public, and you MUST apply for a position.
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